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Potential Sponsors:

Please contact Ryan at 306-373-3575 or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

Current Sponsors:


Supplier of a storage container for use by Ryan.

"Sharing Success" 



"In partnership with AthletesCAN, the Bell Athlete's Connect Program has been providing senior national team members with mobile phones for over 10 years."

"Enjoy water that's safe for you, your family and the environment."

"The trakker is an excellent product to help me correct my mistakes. It is setup in the boat when I go skiing. The video camera mounted on the trakker captures what I am doing on the water as well as my coaches comments. This allows me to review my sets later in the day, as well as what my coaches were saying to me. While I am visually impaired, by standing very close to my television I can review my sets."

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